bmw s52 fire ring head gasket

RMS Fire Ring Head Gasket

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fire ring s52






No Longer Available - Our technology on this item is open source.





The RMS Fire Ring head gasket is back. Developed and highly proven back in 2001 for the high horsepower S52 supercharged and turbo engines. This gasket is indestructible on properly setup engines. The gasket consists of an original factory M Motorsport gasket and a stainless steel fire ring.   Fire ring to gasket fit is held to a close tolerance so there is no ring movement during assembly or piston crash after assembly, a common problem on other fire ring designs. The factory gasket is the highest quality gasket available. We use the finest materials available for this product.

NOTE: High HP engines require increased clamping force with use of special 10mm or 11mm cylinder head fasteners. Please call our tech line for assistance.

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