E46 M3 2001-2006 Supercharger Kit stage 3
e46-m3-stage-1-supercharger-kit-3e46-m3-stage-1-supercharger-kit-2E46 M3 2001-2006 Supercharger Kit stage 3

Stage 1 BMW E46 M3 Supercharger Kit

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Product Description

Stage 1 BMW E46 M3 Supercharger Kit

Stage 1 - The many facets of the Stage 1 BMW E46 M3 Supercharger Kit are the result of years of research, testing and development. That's what it takes to produce the fastest and most reliable BMW Supercharged Automobiles. Your BMW deserves the best and RMS has the goods.

RMS Hardware - RMS Hardware is known to be the best in the industry. Nothing is spared in RMS hardware design. The CNC-machined, 1″ thick 6061 t6 Aluminum plate rigid mounts the supercharger to the engine. The no-flex design assures perfect belt alignment under extreme conditions. These heavy-duty brackets are used on all E46 M3 stages using the V1 or V2 Blower.

Supercharger - RMS uses the Vortech V2 Sci trim supercharger on the E46 M3. This model blower is considered the new generation among superchargers. Highly advanced CAD modeled gears feature an optimized helical profile which allows for near-silent operation while providing superior performance. Ideal for the latest generation of higher flowing, high-power street and strip engines. Vastly improved flow and efficiency at high boost levels, providing completely new levels of power gain.

Blower Drive - Unlike the competition, RMS kits utilize a dedicated 8 rib modular crank pulley, engineered in-house, on all Stage 1 and Stage 2 setups. What good is a supercharger system that is NOT UPGRADEABLE to the next stage? The RMS crank pulley is a two piece modular design making it possible to replace or upgrade the blower drive ring without having to purchase an entire crank pulley setup. It's also a quick-change setup for engines running multiple tunes, track, strip and street. (see optional pulley setups in the Blower Drive category).

Airflow Management - Much thought goes into our airflow components. All components are designed with two driving factors in mind; temperature and velocity. The thermoplastic air intake system integrates by-pass control and PCV systems. The RMS by-pass valve diverts large amounts of air when not needed, and maximizes gas mileage and smooth drive-ability by efficiently controlling airflow anomalies. When the accelerator is applied, high rpm power responds instantly.

Aluminum Intake Manifold - The RMS Aluminum Intake manifold is an elegant solution to the plastic plenum. The factory plenum is only good to about 6 PSI before it fails. We include the aluminum manifold for the daring enthusiast that may run higher boost with the addition of Methanol Injection. The manifold also has 6 bosses on the under side of the runners that can be drilled and tapped for port meth injection or additional fuel injectors. See our meth injection systems in the RMS Parts Store.

Software - Engine management is achieved on the Factory MSS54 Siemens DME. The software is calibrated for efficiency, power, reliability and most of all drive-ability. No need to send your ECU; the kit comes with plug and play flash programmer. We have calibrations for all modified cars with cams, headers, exhaust, etc.


Warranty:  This product carries a 12 month 12,000 conditional warranty. This product must be used as designed unless pre-approved in writing by RMS MANAGEMENT. Modifications or changes in any of the components will void the warranty. This product is supplied with base software that may require adjustment depending on other modifications made to engine operating systems such as , but not limited to racing camshafts, headers, compression ratio.  It is the buyers responsibility to have the product installed by a qualified BMW tuning shop. In the event that software calibration is needed, at owners expense, the vehicle must be tested by a qualified technician with all required tools and test equipment in order to report all operating parameters pertaining to air-fuel-ratio, ignition timing and any other operating parameter that may require attention. This product is intended for off road use only and not  smog legal in some states. Check with your local DMV if your vehicle can be legally operated in your local area.

NOTE: This product is custom made to order. All sales are final and non returnable.

Gal-1260 Programming Software. Use to read and write to your DME (ecu).
Works best with Win XP or earlier



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