RMS BMW Service and Repair Center

We are a competitively priced independent BMW service center since 1985.

Take the time to tell me what I need to know

The worst experience when spending repair or service dollars is speaking to a salesman who has little technical knowledge. At RMS we only employ service sales people who have mastered as a technician. You ever get the feeling that your being sold what they want you to buy rather than what you need? My name is Osh Minelian and I'm speaking from experience as an automotive professional of 42 years. It's unfortunate that the auto repair industry is littered with repair shops that are only in it for the bucks, breeding mistrust between customers and shop.


Chris Reese - Diagnostics and Machinist

Please be helpful

Your visit doesn't end with technical service advice. Customers also need a go-to person to help answer any of your questions and concerns. Tex Mosley, our customer service professional coordinates all the jobs coming in and out of RMS.


Tex Mosley - Customer Service Specialist

BMW Service and Repair

RMS, known in the BMW Performance industry, began as a BMW service center and continues to competitively provide high quality repairs and services in the Los Angeles area. Our facilities utilize factory BMW diagnostic equipment as well as specialty BMW tools. Bring your BMW by and see what we have to offer.

servcie mechanic

BMW repair  at RMS (Race Marque Systems) is very competitively priced in comparison to your BMW dealership. Years of racing and modifying these vehicles lends a tremendous understanding of the BMW Marque.

Dynamometer performance testing

Our Chassis Dynamometer  (rolling road)  is a must if your serious about tuning and trouble shooting difficult to find driving conditions. If your BMW is encountering running problems at high speeds or rapid acceleration, our chassis dyno is a most valuable tool, or maybe you just want to know if your BMW is performing up to spec.


Engine and component rebuilding services

"Do it right or do it twice.", An old adage in our business.

Most often, shops try to do a job quick and cheap and that is a recipe for failure. Hand picked and trained by Osh Minelian, our technical professionals are the top in their  field. Below, an RMS Technician performing final assembly on an S54 M3 supercharged engine. Building a stock or modified engine requires a very deep understanding of how an engine works. On a stock engine the underlying goal is reliability and long service life. With the growing popularity of older BMW automobiles, this service is crucial. Newer or older BMW cars, we do it right the first time. We offer this for all BMW engine variants from standard to M Series models.  We also offer performance engines for street and track.

servcie-engine build

Machine Shop - Performance Dept.

We offer full machine shop services at RMS. In-houes machines include 3 MAHO CNC universal milling centers Hardinge CNC lathes. Machine shop produces BMW Supercharger systems and offers one-off performance parts machining.

Fabrication and Welding

RMS is equipped Miller HF TIG and Mig welding machines. Welding and custom fabrication quoted on a job to job basis.

My Promise to you

Our little shop in the valley takes pride in customer service and quality BMW repair since 1986.

servcie osh

Osh Minelian.

CEO. Race Marque Systems

Call or stop in anytime to discuss your BMW service needs. We love BMW cars. If you love yours, you will love RMS. The coffee is always on.


We Make Performance cars perform.